Paper and digital home sewing patterns for mature figures.

How Style Falcon Patterns Are Different

What if…

Sewing patterns were designed for mature figures?

With adjustments built in, to help you get a great fit?

For the 92% of us who are not “hourglass” shaped?

Or have had a baby or two or three or more?

Or have health conditions that most fashion ignores?

Or have taken 40 or more trips around the sun?


I started Style Falcon because I asked myself these questions. I knew that most fashion is designed for a youthful, slim woman with so-called “perfect” posture and proportions. But why are most sewing patterns also like that? After all, when we sew, we can do what we want. We can reject fashion’s so-called rules. We can create the perfect look for our bodies, our lives, our values. There was no sewing pattern company like that, so I figured I had to start one myself.


With Style Falcon sewing patterns, you will always get sharp, dramatic and fabulous fashion, designed for you:

  • Drafting for a mature figure, with less bust-to-waist definition, and more room at the tummy, hip and bicep
  • Center-back seams, rounded back and forward shoulder shaping
  • Lower bust points, for a “C” to “D” cup
  • Finished garment measurements
  • Marked points for the bust, waist and hip
  • Options for quick and easy or more challenging projects
  • Options for those of us who run hot or cold
  • Easy to read, accessible patterns and directions, expertly illustrated in regular or large-print formats

Mature figures deserve fashion that fits!

We'd love to hear about your sewing and fit journey - drop us a line anytime. 


  • Diane

    Hi Nancy – I saw that you had a question about the Gorgeous Godet Top. The sizing works best if you choose the bust measurement, as the top is close-fitting at the shoulder and high bust. The top has a lot of drape to it, so there is a lot of style ease. This accounts for the finished size. It’s meant to be very loose-fitting at the waist and hip. Another option is doing a full-bust adjustment.
    One of the pattern testers who has a larger bust than the C to D that we draft for tried the straight fit at the recommended size for the bust and a smaller size with a full-bust adjustment. Here is her feedback: “After making Version B in a size to match my full bust, I made Version A in the size to fit my high bust (2 sizes smaller). The top fit VERY well and I would have said that this is the correct size however, the side seam pulls badly so it looks great from the front and back, but not from the side. After trying both sizes, if someone asked me I would probably suggest sewing to the high bust with an FBA if a cup size is more than 5” larger than high bust."

  • Nancy Taylor

    I just saw your show with JoAnn Banko. Very interesting. All ready I have a question. It is about the pull over knit blouse with the godets. I am barely 5 ft,. A mature figure. I check the size for the top with my bust measurement (I am a DD cup) and it says to cut D. But the finished size on it is HUGE! Finished size for an A is more realistic. Now I know I can adjust the pattern, but wouldn’t just cutting a A be better? What would you recommend?
    Thank you.
    Nancy Taylor

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