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A Quicker Way to Sew Designer-quality Sleeve Plackets

Have you ever passed up a long-sleeved shirt pattern, for fear of sewing sleeve plackets and cuffs? We have a truly easier way to get a designer-quality finish, with much less fuss.

Two sleeve placket designs. The traditional tower placket, on the right, is one piece with six fold lines and a cutting line for the sleeve vent. The Make a Point Dress placket on the left is in two pieces for easier sewing.

Traditional sleeve plackets like the one on the right use six - count 'em SIX - folds and presses, plus other steps to achieve the look. While that's nice, who's got the time?

Other patterns fudge the placket by asking you to slash the sleeve vent and wrap the opening with a single, straight-cut placket. Quick and easy, maybe, but not a great finish.

The Style Falcon Make a Point Dress and Shirt placket comes in two pieces for easy sewing with the same results. Check out this two-minute video tutorial for more.

Now that you're a pro at plackets, why not try contrasting or bias-cut fabric to jazz up your Make a Point Dress some more?

A Make a Point Dress in a blue and white print, with contrasting white sleeves, shown on a dressform.

Contrasting plackets instantly turn an ordinary shirt into something special - and they're a great use for fabric scraps.

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