Paper and digital home sewing patterns for mature figures.

About me and my team

Hi! I'm Diane, the creator of Style Falcon. I'm a home sewer, writer, researcher, wife, daughter, sister, friend and poodle mama. I live in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

I'm the visionary and creative force behind Style Falcon, but I don't do it alone. I work with a skilled professional team - a patternmaker, a grader, an illustrator and a graphic artist - to bring Style Falcon patterns to you.

The patternmaker is Christine Groom, owner of ZigZag Designs, a pattern company and custom couturier in California. Christine has a degree in Fashion and Apparel Design. She really understands how to design for mature figures. Her expertise makes each Style Falcon pattern work. 


We work with Brian Lee of PatternUSA to grade the patterns. PatternUSA is based in Los Angeles and works with many large fashion brands as well as boutique firms.

We work with a graphic artist, Adrianna Aguirre, to make the patterns readable and user-friendly. Adrianna also does all the technical illustrations. She has a BFA in fashion design. You'll see her artistry and attention to detail in the instructions and on the patterns themselves.

We work with an incredible fit model, Meg Greene, whose beauty, humor and grace comes through in every Style Falcon pattern.

And then there's a small flock of Style Falcons who have proofread pages, tested patterns, provided feedback and ideas, and have been a great source of support and fun.

I look forward to telling you more about everyone soon! 


  • Ioanna Gutas
    Very very impressive


  • J

    And best of luck!

  • J

    Thanks for the bios. It’s great to see that you are working with trained people. As you know, that’s not true of all independent pattern makers.

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