Paper and digital home sewing patterns for mature figures.

About Style Falcon

What if…

Sewing patterns were designed for mature figures?

With adjustments built in, to help you get a great fit?

For the 92% of us who are not “hourglass” shaped?

Or have had a baby or two or three or more?

Or have health conditions that most fashion ignores?

Or have taken 40 or more trips around the sun?

I started Style Falcon because I asked myself these questions. I knew that most fashion is designed for a youthful, slim woman with so-called “perfect” posture and proportions. But why are most sewing patterns also like that? After all, when we sew, we can do what we want. We can reject fashion’s so-called rules. We can create the perfect look for our bodies, our lives, our values. There was no sewing pattern company like that, so I figured I had to start one myself.

With Style Falcon patterns, you will always get sharp, dramatic and fabulous fashion, designed for you:

  • Drafting for a mature figure, with less bust-to-waist definition, and more room at the tummy, hip and bicep
  • Center-back seams, rounded back and forward shoulder shaping
  • Lower bust points, for a “C” to “D” cup
  • Finished garment measurements, and marked points for the bust, waist and hip
  • Options for quick and easy or more challenging projects
  • Options for those of us who run hot or cold

Style Falcon styles are inspired by the mature figure. We'd love to hear about your sewing and fit journey!