Paper and digital home sewing patterns for mature figures.

Secret Jeans Trousers Video Tutorials

The Secret Jeans Trousers now come with a free video tutorial. Watch these videos to learn more about how to make and style the Secret Jeans Trousers, from start to finish. See the Style Falcon YouTube channel for more.

You'll get help to pick out fabric and elastic, cut out your fabric and sew every piece.

Level up your sewing skill with videos on advanced techniques. Learn how to bind a waistband facing for a designer look. And learn how to sew an invisible hem by machine.

The video series also includes advice on how to style these trousers or mock jeans. And we finish with a fun blooper reel, with a few "oops" moments from the filming. Enjoy!


  • Diane

    Hi Barbara, the Secret Jeans Trousers are designed to sit at your natural waist.

  • Barbara

    I recently purchased the pants pattern/secret jeans/
    I could not find anywhere where it was stated where the waistband was/is designed to “sit”. With waistbands all over the place these days, I’d like to know what the design intends. Does the top of the waistband sit right below the natural waist?, above it?, two inches below?. Yes, I know I measure my own crotch depth, etc. However, it sure would be helpful to know the intent of the design.
    If it is stated somewhere, I’m just missing it.

    Thank you.

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