Paper and digital home sewing patterns for mature figures.

Diagrams of body measurements on seated and standing figures.
The Style Falcon Ultimate Measuring Guide
The Style Falcon Ultimate Measuring Guide
The Style Falcon Ultimate Measuring Guide
The Style Falcon Ultimate Measuring Guide

The Style Falcon Ultimate Measuring Guide

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Style Falcon guides you through 64 body measurements to help you easily assess your size and shape against any sewing pattern. This digital guide goes well beyond the usual bust/chest, waist and hip measurements. You’re going to take some measurements you’ve probably never taken before! 

You can use this guide to:

  • Choose a sewing pattern size
  • Assess fit before you sew
  • Identify necessary pattern adjustments 
  • Determine pattern ease

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There's also a FREE video companion to the guide. See here for more.

How the Ultimate Measuring Guide Works

You’ll start with circumference measurements. Then you’ll take “quarter body” measurements to see how your left and right, back and front differ. Next, you’ll take diagonal and curved measurements to capture these dimensions. Finally, you’ll take vertical measurements to assess height and length.

Measurements marked with * are especially useful for mature figures, as we tend to need more room in these areas as we age.

Materials List

You will need:

  • Several yards of ribbon, string or narrow elastic to mark body guideposts
  • A flexible tape measure
  • Chalk or about 20 safety pins for marking
  • Paper and a pencil or pen to write down measurements
  • A helper who can read a tape measure. Your helper doesn’t have to know anything about sewing. Anyone who can read a tape measure can help.
  • About an hour to set up and take all the measurements. 

This is a digital product for you to download and print or view on your own devices. No measuring guide will be mailed to you.